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Women absolutely love wearing high heels. It is the most popular and main style of a formal type of shoe available. However, women that do not enjoy high heels very might are the ones that have a hard time wearing them because they might hurt their feet after wearing them for too long or even for a short period of time. You most certainly need to be a woman that can stand to wear them for hours upon end.

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There are so many different styles of high heel shoes that are on the market to buy and you can choose whether you want the heel to be ½ inches of 4 inches in height. Unbelievably recently a fashion show was presented with women wearing high heels as big as ten inches tall! High heels are usually worn to formal events but there are also highheels that can be worn for semi-casual wear too. Some women nowadays even wear stiletto heels with a nice pair of denim jeans or Capri's. This is something that women have been doing for a while now. Wearing platform heels will not only give women that extra sexy feminine look to show off their legs, but for women that are short benefit off of wearing them as well because they make them look taller.

For an extra fabulous look, wearing a nice nail polish on your toes that matches your heels will cause your feet and shoes to look nicer and will give you that extra fashionable look. Tall heels just simply cause your legs to stand out more and make you look a lot more attractive. They also change your poster and cause you to stand up straight giving you a more confident body language as you walk in them.

Remember that stiletto heels are not meant to be worn by everyone; some women can wear them for only a short period because they can cause lots of discomfort from wearing them for extensive periods. Some women believe that they can wear a pair of tall shoes around the house to break them in so that they can get used to wearing them anywhere else, and in some cases, this is true. Beware though if you are a person that lacks an arch in your foot; you are considered to be "flatfooted" then you most likely will struggle with foot pain after wearing the heels even for a short period. There are special footpads that can be worn inside of the shoes that can make them easier to wear by adding extra support to the center of your feet.

The advantages and disadvantages of stiletto heels give them a unique place in fashion. While very suitable for that special event, they are not casual shoes that should be worn regularly.